avivA's Electronic Photo Album


These are some "oldies but goodies"...

[BUICK] Me, my brother Neil, and my favorite car, our 1976 Buick Century. -- December 1994
Over the summer I worked for Dr. Thomas Netzel at Georgia State. I wrote a computer program to automate a non-linear optics experiment that he is conducting. Here you can see some of my equipment: computer, oscilloscope, function generator, ratiometer, and translation stage. -- August 1995 My brother Mendel's first driving lesson... :) The Grand Prix racetrack at DisneyWorld. -- August 1995
[KEVER RACHEL] When I was in Israel I visited Kever Rachel (Tomb of Rachel) which is in Beit Lechem. -- July 1993
My photo album could not be complete without a picture of one of the holiest places on earth, and the symbol of the Jew's longing for home: the Kotel (Western Wall). This picture was taken on Tisha B'Av afternoon (you can see the crowds). -- July 1993 [KOTEL]

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