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Assaut Savate Tournament (May 18, 2003)

As I mention on my home page, my current passion is savate, French kickboxing. Every few months the California Savate Association sponsors a tournament on a Sunday afternoon. In the May tournament, thirty fighters competed, including myself-- for the first time! It was an experience like no other.
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Click here for more images of the May tournament - and my name immortalized as the winner of match #14.


Assaut Savate Tournament (February 29, 2004)

Here are more savate photos, these are from the February 2004 competition held at the new Bodies In Motion gym. I lost to Angie in a split decision. Click on the photos for a larger view.


Savate L.A. Cup (September 12, 2004)

Still dealing with several running injuries, and with virtually no sparring practice, I was not suprised that I lost my L.A. Cup match to Tina. Her aggressiveness took me by surprise; the lesson is that I need to become more aggressive myself. Anyway, I don't have any good action shots from this match, but I do have this neat photo of me getting expert advice in my corner between rounds.

Nicolas - my instructor, me, and Francis (click on photos for larger view)


Assaut Tournament (November 6, 2005) [New!]

After more than a year, I got back in the ring during the CalSavate November competition. A lot of nerves led up to the event. Aside from becoming completely exhausted and forgetting half of what I knew, I am happy to report that I won my match, by disqualification-- as my opponent got herself disqualified in the third round for using too much power. I would have liked to see the fight to the end, though. One of the judges told me afterwards that when the fight was stopped, I was ahead on points, so I would have won anyway. Next time.

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