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Cupz and Cake is now under AKC supervision
Three Krispy Kreme Donuts shops have dropped their certification. Please check the listing.
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Moshe's Mediterranean Cuisine has closed

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Welcome to Kosher Eating in Atlanta, your one stop location for kosher and community information in Atlanta, GA! Here you will find kosher establishments under the supervision of the Atlanta Kashruth Commission and local Rabbis. All establishments are under the supervision of the AKC unless otherwise specified. There are three main areas where these establishments reside which are Toco Hills, Sandy Springs, and Dunwoody. All kosher establishments in the Toco Hills area are within a mile of the shuls in the area. Please use the menu to navigate the various listings of kosher establishments in Atlanta.

In addition to the kosher establishments, there is a very warm and welcoming Jewish community in Atlanta. There are various shuls across the metro area. There are four shuls in the Toco Hills area which are Congregation Beth Jacob, Young Israel of Toco Hills, Congregation Ner Hamizrach, and Netzach Yisrael. For further information about Atlanta, please see the Atlanta Resources page.

For information about kosher restaurants in other cities, try Shamash's Kosher Restaurant Database.